A mental wellness habit

Why Pause?01/03

Do you feel utterly exhausted by the end of the day? Too drained out to think about anything at all.

Do you feel like you are always busy? Always engaged? Always occupied? Juggling between responsibilities, deadlines and anticipating what's next?

Do you remember the last time you really relaxed? A time where you were neither on your phone or your laptop. A time where you were neither scrolling mindlessly or binging a show that you started because you were really tired to do something else.

Over the past years, our world has turned into an instant gratification gizmo. Ads, social media, hustle and everything in between.

It's not you. It's what our world has evolved into.

We see this as a problem.

We are building Pause to help you take your control back and to help you put yourself first.

How does it work?02/03

You commit to our 10 minutes Check In everyday. We have designed our Check In to help you feel present and build a deeper connection with yourself.

    Our Check In has three steps:
  • Vitals: A breathing exercise to help you calm down and catch your breath.
  • Mindfulness: An audio aided visualization exercise to help you feel present and in the moment.
  • Journal: A journaling exercise to help you welcome all your thoughts that you are always busy to pay attention to.

We need you03/03

We believe we are nowhere close to where we want to be. We would love your help in shaping Pause.